There is a need for research and innovation in many areas, which yields the potential to improve the lives of people. To achieve this, it is good to make use of many people, not just career researchers. So, here will be listed possible areas for research and methods of creativity, as well as relevant websites and questions to be further investigated.

Australia's Science and Research Priorities

Science and Research Priorities

Some areas of research that have been investigated by people

Other Areas for potential improvement

Agriculture, Veterinary, Biology including genetics, Built environment and design, Chemistry, Earth sciences, Economics, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, History and archaeology, information and computing, maths, medical and health (e.g. diabetes, diet/nutrition), physics, education

Methods for creativity

Triz - 40 inventive principles. Example - Segmentation - divide an object into independent parts - replace a mainframe computer by personal computers. These general principles can be applied to any other situation to yield creative solutions to problems

Organisations and websites

Examples of research

For the future

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