Web-based Audience Response System Using the Educational Platform Called BeA


Web-based Audience Response System Using the Educational Platform Called BeA (PDF)

Web-based Audience Response System using the educational platform called BeA.ris


  1. Audience response system
  2. Dedicated remote control device vs generally available web technology (we look at latter)
  3. Want more question types. For example short text entry, drawings as a response. Choice interaction: multiple choices pick one. Match interaction: respond with option pairs. Associate interaction: create an option group of two or more options. Order interaction: order the options. Gap-match interaction: fill in the gaps. Extended text interaction: write anything you like. Hot text interaction: select one or more of selectable pieces of text in question heading
  4. When only the teacher can see the students answer, the student is more likely to respond since they don't have to worry about what their peers might think if they could hear their answer
  5. Access using smartphones, tablet PCs, laptops, or desktops (such as a computer lab)
  6. Voting and surveys
  7. Students to answer questions, opinions, attitudes, tests, quizzes, assessment
  8. Could display possible answers
  9. Register/authenticate your laptop first. Then, cannot share devices. We don't want people outside the classroom to access it.
  10. What if the student forgets to bring their laptop, or it malfunctions. Difficulties typing the URL (solution: QR code students can scan containing the URL)
  11. Mobiles with SMS, smartphones/tablets/computers with apps (android or iOS), or web
  12. Proprietary applications: Clicker School (2012), Turning Technologies (2012) and Socrative (2012). SMS: Poll Everywhere (2012), Top Hat Monocle (2012), Shakespeak (2012) and SMSpoll (2012). Web: Big Nerd Ranch, Clicker School, Maya, Poll Everywhere, SMSPoll, Shakespeak, Socrative, Top Hat Monacle, Turning Technologies, Web clicker
  13. Some display a powerpoint document with flash or visual basic application embedded
  14. Time limit?
  15. Pi2E: elearning over iGoogle (closed in 2013): OpenSocial gadgets. Edu-GAR gadget.
  16. ARS in BeA
  17. Questions are displayed on a projection on the wall as well as in the students devices

Discussion about the research paper

  1. Some more information on question types
    Web Center for Social Research Methods - Types of Questions
    For example a filter/contingency type, gives a question asking for more detail dependent on your first answer
  2. Google search - survey question types
    Survey Questions: Survey Examples and Sample Survey Questions
    An example from there is, semantic differential scale, where something is ranked between two bipolar levels such as from attractive (7) to unattractive (1)
  3. Future Possible Research: Could gather many question types and see how many can be found and what they all are

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