Ideas (2013 to 2015)

  1. Everyone should be guaranteed a job there should be lots of jobs available for people to choose from (jobs that people would be happy to do, not just any job) just like there are lots of schools you can choose from as a kid and everyone gets to go to school so why not everyone get to have a job if they want one, if they don't want to work they can be paid unemployment benefit/ payment but most people want to work just that some don't get the opportunity. People can nominate job positions they would be happy to do and be allocated into them for their desired working times/days per week. Some jobs will be able to finish at 2.30pm and start at 9.30am for working mums to pick up their kids from school at 3pm and drop them off at 9am, and some jobs will go from 1pm-6pm for people that don't like mornings. But what if they don't like afternoons either? Tough biscuits (too bad haha). Have a kitkat and forget about it. Better still have an orange, or apple or even a pear yes pear is the solution to employment problems, give out free pears. Just Joking haha. Pears don't pay the rent. And rent is going up and up, jobs to the rescue (for those that have one, which should be anyone who wants one). Also people can be employed part time instead of full time, so that more people can be employed. For example one person could work in the morning, another could work in the afternoon, so there's 2 jobs instead of 1, this would increase the number of jobs available significantly and help reduce unemployment. It seems fairer to spread the work available amongst more people and work part time, than to have fewer people full time with more money and greater income differences between lower, middle and upper classes.
  2. Shemales: I think it would be better if people did not change their gender, and just be happy with how they are. It's a pity that some people are gay or lesbian, when it seems more natural for partners to be of the opposite sex.
  3. Canberra Short Film Making Network - where you can join up with other people interested in making short videos, could be to think up an idea/script together or to make yours or someone elses script, could be to join a group as an actor. Ideally should be able to cater for as many people as possible who might be interested, so that everyone can have a go at video production and/or acting depending on their interests. At the moment there is a website that advertises local actors in canberra but this is professional actors, what about people just wanting to make short videos for fun (or for inclusion as an entry in tropfest or other short film festival).
  4. Websites where you can find friends for either yahoo messenger chat, windows live messenger chat, yahoo messenger webcam chat, or yahoo messenger voice chat (or skype chat). There are a few websites where people can often get someones yahoo messenger id e.g. tagged but this is not specifically designed for this.
  5. Free Phone Chat System - where you phone up the system's phone number (local call ideally) and then you can listen to peoples greetings and set your greeting and reply to messages and configure a live phone chat with them if you like the sound of them. They have this in australia but it's fairly expensive and not many people on it. In the US they have lots of free ones (e.g. talkee) as well as paid ones. We need more in Australia I think, there's only one or two at present and both paid and not many people on them, needs more people too. Choice of gender to speak with, is also important (as friends). People should always be able to find someone to talk with on the phone, and to meet new people too if they like (for variety).
  6. Websites where you can find phone friends (people to chat to on the phone) so you can get their number after searching based on location/ gender/ etc. This already exists, but it could be expanded (more of such websites and more people on them from near my location which is australia). Of course it's possible to talk on the phone to people from other countries (if they are interested in talking). I could call people occasionally, despite the costs involved.
    Google search - phone "meet new friends"
  7. Friends need to be more willing to meet up in person (email penpals is great but in person is good too). Trusting to be nice to each other. More opportunities for one-on-one friendships (same or opposite gender depending on your preference). Friendship only (not relationship).
  8. A friends website where you can search by nearby postcode (eg within 4km) or suburb, so you can find friends who you can travel in their car (and if they want some money for petrol OK) to things like live jazz concerts, theatre, contemporary dance, live comedy, or whatever you want to see. I think they already have such ability in some websites, but, I haven't yet met anyone nearby.
  9. Google search - jazz choir belconnen canberra
    We need to have a jazz choir in canberra, that sings jazz songs - for people of any ability level as long as you can sing reasonably in tune I guess (can't really have people completely out of tune), and expect some time to learn the tunes properly but not be too fussy about ability of each singer so many people can join. No requirement to memorize tunes (can always have music in front of you).
  10. Google search - music make belconnen canberra
    We currently have a musicians group in melbourne where anyone interested in playing music (doesn't have to be a professional musician) can come along to this guys house and play with other musicians and make music which is recorded and everyone can have a copy of it. This guy has his own recording equipment at home and an electronic keyboard that people can take turns in using (or bring your own). Presumably there is also a microphone for vocals so people can take turns singing. What would be good is to see something like this in canberra - including for making jazz music and pop tunes (including 80s). In school anyone could join the music class and be part of a band. We need ways that people can make music in a group, for people (the majority of people) who are no longer in school because we are adults. They did used to have some jazz performance sessions where people could join in with the band (usually after the performance) e.g. at ANU used to have them, but, they used to be a bit picky and only let you do one song unless you were really good which most people aren't and really people need more than one song to get to practice playing in a group. They need to provide you with music (photocopies) not just expect you to know it. Also it's so hard to join a regular band most people want to do paid performances which one might not be good enough to do yet, and it's not easy finding people interested in forming a band, people seem to be so picky. We need opportunities to play in a band for everyone no matter what their instrument (including voice, piano/keyboard) and irrespective of playing ability. Perhaps there could be different levels for different playing ability, if enough people are interested. I think people would be interested in paying to be part of a band (like they pay to join a choir).
  11. Art/Craft get-togethers with all materials provided
    An art or craft get together occasionally, where all the materials are provided and there is an instructor or leader telling us what to do step by step, and we go home with something(s) at the end, it might cost money for the session. I have been to an easter card making workshop which was great. I am aware there are "stamping up" get togethers (though I have never been to one). I envisage further such things to cover craft and art. I think some such things may be available in childcare training sessions.
    Google search - art create belconnen canberra
  12. Renting Accommodation Network throughout Australia.
    Currently we have YHA and backpackers throughout australia providing cheap accommodation for travellers. People can travel from one YHA destination to the next. Something like this except for medium & long stay accommodation (two weeks up to 6 months or longer) with facilities to specify what you would like in a 1br or 2br etc apartment (tv, washing machine/dryer in complex & washing line available, lounge chair, electronic keyboard, piano, computer & ergonomic chair, desk, air conditioning, oil heater, bed & mattress, other musical instruments?, stereo, dvd player, what else?) and when you move you can order empty cardboard boxes and then have them picked up from your place on an arranged date and time and delivered to your next destination, charges per box for delivery to & from the various locations around australia in the accommodation nextwork, will be available from the webpage. This will make it easy for people to move anywhere they like, paying a fixed fortnightly rental based on their requirements for what items come with the place, deposited by bpay into an account of the accommodation business. If not a fixed rental then, certainly the amounts will be available in advance on the webpage so a person can plan where they'd like to move to and know exactly how much it will cost in advance for the moving of boxes and for the rental once they arrive. The aim is to make it easier for people to move to different locations, since there may be greater or different work opportunities available in different places which become available and can be utilised. Business members (ie those providing the accommodation units) of the accommodation network would have a certain minimum standard to ensure people are looked after for their accommodation needs, and all locations would have simple tickboxes on the web to select what things they require in the flat/apartment and view the cost for each item contribution toward the weekly rental amount.
  13. Longer Lifespans for humans, greater longevity
  14. Google search - nanotechnology medical cures
    Nanotechnology (tiny electronics perhaps even with biological components) could provide cures and improvements in medical science, increases in longevity of people, physical objects that can change shape at the press of a button. Improvements in water purification processing (e.g. new types of filters, or even technology that dissolves or deconstructs impurities into harmless other chemicals)
  15. Google search - Top3Beta gene/protein may have an effect on mental health
  16. Google search - Kepler-62e and Kepler-62f habitable zone
    Kepler-62e and Kepler-62f planets orbiting Kepler-62 in lyra constellation, is within the habitable zone of that star and may be able to support human life.
  17. Google search - subatomic particle consciousness
    Could there be a subatomic particle that is responsible for consciousness (in people)? Or does it really just appear when the right logical conditions (through electrical and chemical communication in the brains many cells) are met (such as could also be done in the right computer program) that emergent properties occur. If there is a subatomic particle, maybe it can be duplicated through processes like cell multiplication in the body. Or maybe you just get a certain number at birth (like you don't get new brain cells but you've got lots) but when pregnancy occurs it creates a new copy of the subatomic particle responsible for consciousness. How does it know that this is the baby's consciousness and not your consciousness, why doesn't some instances of the subatomic particle move from the baby to the adult and vice versa. Maybe it is in the genetic DNA.
  18. Google search - cars with elastic outsides
    Cars have elastic outsides so they can bounce off each other down the road (and off an elastic border on the sides of the road)-no accidents. Also people in cars sit in spherical balls for seats, that rotate in 3d if the car stops suddenly (better than thrown forward/back suddenly).
  19. North electromagnets at front/back/sides of person at head height in car repel north magnet in passenger/driver helmet to stop whiplash if accident. An alternative (perhaps better) seems to be a HANS device, compulsory in car racing sports but not compulsory for everyday driving. Other head/neck restraint devices which pass the SFI Foundation Specification 38.1 standard are Moto-R Sport, R3, Hutch-II, Hutchens Hybrid, or Hybrid X.
  20. Phone Chat Provider. You call up phone chat service and talk to one of many people that they have there that are employed simply to talk to (or with) you, about whatever you find interesting. It's possible to call a particular person (each one has a direct line) or to search for various criteria such as hobbies, interests, gender, etc on the internet which then gives the direct line for the people/persons you found. Presently there are phone talk lines where you talk with someone else on the phone talk network (customers talk with customers) and they have adult chat sites where you can talk with an employee of the site on a sexual level, but they don't yet have plutonic chat sites where you can talk with an employee of the site (not with another customer). These should presumably cost less than adult chat sites, because it should cost less to employ someone to provide plutonic chat services than to provide adult sexual chat services. But it should be popular.
    Google search - phone chatroom
    Google search - phone meet people
  21. IClone4-Ex Suggested improvements (3D Movie Creation Software): Add movement interactions between 2 characters eg kiss, ballroom dance (see 3d chat sites for examples). Add more sample objects eg telephone (and actions that characters can use on those objects eg 'talk' for phone will told the handset against your mouth but not move your mouth that's dependent on head animations), and sample rooms (eg bedroom, office, lounge room) you can start with. Could add the ability to "walk" your character around the room using the arrow keys (will be recorded into the timeline for actor animation) and stop/pause for a while if need be (eg pause the timeline recording, then can fast forward it a bit to let the actor stay in one spot for a while eg or could drag/drop on the action for "sit" eg). Have a look at 3d chat software eg, (roomancer) for ideas on more actions (including interactions between two people) that could be incorporated into the repertoire for iclone4-ex. For example when there's a chair, it's often possible to right click on it and select sit, and the character will walk over to the chair and sit on it (this could be done via some kind of "live" recording mechanism that can be turned on/off).
  22. Movie Downloading. A movie can be downloaded over the internet (search by genre) and then played on your tv, using a media player or other technology, maybe one day even for the same price as it costs now to rent a video in the video store. Then when you have finished watching you will be able to keep the movie on your PC, or whatever it's stored on since you will be able to copy it to multiple devices. Maybe when you go into the video store there will also be computers to browse the video library and information about each video, and to plug in a usb stick which then transferred to it. There would be space for a certain number of videos on the usb stick depending on quality (HD vs standard) and playing time.
    Google search - purchase movie onto your usb as part of movie ticket
  23. Google search - Hot swappable memory
    Hot swappable memory. Can press a button on it and memory will be rearranged so it no longer uses that particular module of memory. If it goes green, then, it can then be removed, without turning off the computer, with no loss of data to the computer (eg server). If it does not go green then, it may be necessary to shut down some programs on the server to free up more memory.
  24. Google search - Designer Babies
    Designer Babies. I think it's a good idea, genetics of the future will be able to create a tall blond person that is good at basketball, or whatever you would like them to be like. The only problem is that if everyone wants the same kind of person, there could be lots like that, would get rid of genetic variability, then if there is a problem everyone will have it eg susceptibility to catch a disease or disability and it could wipe out a lot of the planet. So there will have to be limitations on the use of the technology, perhaps only some people can use it, eg 50% of babies born are permitted, so if you have two babies, only one is permitted to be designed using genetic engineering technology, so that if there's a problem then at least half the population will still have sufficient genetic variation. Also bear in mind the technology would probably be based on the mother and fathers dna, with some modifications or enhancements, so that there would still be a lot of things that were subject to genetic variation through the combination of mother and father chosen ie not everyone would start with the same mother and fathers genes.
  25. Google search - gene therapies
    Gene Therapies. Some diseases will be cured by modifying your DNA permanently. DNA will be recorded at birth and monitored for any dangerous changes.
  26. Google search - wireless web camera
    Wireless Web Camera. In the future it will be possible to buy a web camera that either transmits back to a base station plugged into the usb port of pc (like wireless phones that transmit back to base stations) or is wireless (eg operates on 3G like a mobile) either way you'll be able to walk around with your camera and have a live stream back to the internet for webcam chat rooms etc or just recording it. Using the mobile network will permit people to be anywhere and transmit video back to their webpage or webcam chat sites. In fact they already have wifi wireless web cameras on sale on ebay, but these require a power supply (eg 5V 2A power supply), the next stage would be to support battery operated cameras (rechargeable battery) hopefully the battery would last long enough. But it's true that one could always get a power extension cord for most locations to be able to run the webcam and it is possible to get a usb wifi device for the pc to be able to see the webcam (802.11). It is possible to get a "2A Output 5V Mobile Power USB Battery Charger 18650 Box" which allows to run a usb device such as a wireless webcam off battery power (rechargeables) perhaps this could be used with four 3000mAh 18650 batteries (even though it says 2600mAh) the 3000mAh batteries are available in australia, I haven't seen the 2600mAh batteries on ebay with an australian powerpoint charger ie from australia.
  27. Google search - making pure water
  28. Google search - object morph 3d
    Touch object on a touchscreen, and it turns into another object that could be in that location. How do we know what objects can be picked up and moved? Reference collection of moveable object images (from different angles). One object might have 365x365x365 images, if one image per degree and three axes that can be rotated about. Machine learning to train a system to identify the object? If we can put in a 3d model of every type of object we might have, that might be easier to scan an image for the presence of those models in any rotation. If we touch a cupboard, it won't change, because the cupboard contains items and needs to be the same size. If the new object won't fit in the available space where the previous object was, it won't change to that object, unless there is a smaller version available of the new object. Might be better if we can turn the image into a 3d model first, with all component objects represented in separate layers and named so they can easily be identified and swapped over. The shops only sell a finite number of physical items such as speakers, headphones, phones, etc, so there will be a finite number of models and their textures (e.g. selecting a different colour or texture of the same object in a shop).
  29. Google search - reattach umbilical cord
    Maybe one day we will be able to do the equivalent of reattaching the umbilical cord. Possible Applications: Prolonging lifespan, or temporarily useful during an operation. Presently it's beyond our current technology. "OK, once we've flattened your lungs, re-established your fetal circulation, sterilized your germs, and obviated your intestines, we can create the artificial womb to hook you up."
  30. Google search - dna crispr
    In the future one day, you may be able to download a DNA upgrade for your mobile, insert it into the DNA unit, plant it in the soil and water it, and then watch it grow into a new mobile with new features. Perhaps, it won't be soil we plant it in, but some other nourishing chemical, for its growth and transmutation system, maybe you will insert a rectangular unit containing stem cells and target DNA into the transmutation unit, and it will then change. Perhaps it will be necessary to dunk the mobile into a fluid containing the transmutation system. It will lock onto the mobile's dna only, so if you put your hand into it, nothing will happen.
  31. Google search - credit card reminder leaving house
    When you go out the front door, you step on the doormat which triggers a detector to see if you have your credit card on you, and if you don't, the front door issues a warning sound "Have you forgotton your wallet?" (Thanks to Taya Ayat for that idea). Actually she was thinking the visa card would sing to her, don't forget me! But I think the front door will be best, so it knows your about to leave. You will be able to upload custom ringtones to your front door leaving warning system. "You are in pyjamas, don't forget to get changed" haha.
  32. Google search - Resonating Gravitational waves
    Resonating Gravitational waves - if its gravitational wave frequency resonates with the frequency of the material it's attracting to, it may create a greater attractive force. Changeable density of a mass on a space station tunes in to spacecraft to attract and guide the spacecraft gently into its dock. Can we have a material whose density depends on the electrical field subjected to it, so that we can effectively "dial up" any required mass density we want?
  33. Google search - how does rfid work
    RFID (radio frequency id). I'm not sure how this works. But my thought on how it could work is as follows. Crystal radios pick up radio waves and make a sound without having batteries. They get their energy from the radio waves hitting the antenna wire attached to the ferrite rod. A small crystal radio with digital processing circuitry (if possible with that low a voltage & low power) might be able to process information and function as an RFID. Perhaps even transmit a response. A combination of capacitors/resistors might be able to create a unique id signal that this type of RFID could respond with.
  34. Google search - wireless electricity transmission
    Transmission of electricity wirelessly (e.g. tesla tried to do this unsuccessfully) e.g. using lasers. But there seems a problem that the energy could be damaging to anything in its path, any way around that? Perhaps we can focus the electrical energy, like we can focus sound and radio waves using a radio dish (concave)? When there is sufficient amount of electrical energy in the air (eg tesla coil), it does tend to collect on objects made of metal, how/why does it find / attract to them? Is there something (not necessarily electrical) that attracts/ targets a particular element only such as, iron but not copper, or one type of plastic but not other materials? For example radio waves and light waves of differing freqencies can have a frequency corresponding with the resonant frequency of a material then the material will destruct, for example a bridge could collapse due to wind causing resonation at a certain frequency that would not actually be strong enough force to blow down the bridge due to the insufficient quantity of force alone, but instead because it's a particular force corresponding to resonance of the material. So can there be resonance of a material that can cause energy to be transmitted from the source to that material only, and other materials will not receive the energy (will they not receive it? presumably the energy transmitted is everywhere), certainly other materials might not react to it. The problem of electricity transmission requires a directed or focussed source of energy, not just radio waves going out in all directions. It is possible to focus radio waves for example with a directional antenna.
  35. Google search - high objects reach into space
    Objects that are high enough that they reach into space. A problem: they could get in the way of satellites in orbit. Another problem: Is it even possible, would it try to float away with insufficient gravity would the pull or sway on the structure be too much, would it affect earth's orbit (rotation on axis and also around the sun). Seems like too dangerous a thing to do to me, and not really necessary, advances in space shuttle technology would make it unnecessary I think. * Low gravity funparks in the sky: structures supported from the ground, eg a room with gradual stairs where you jump/bounce high, a room that's a disco with coloured lighting effects, small foam balls on the ground, perhaps foam layering/comprising the ground and walls. Walls of structure made from thick plastic see through like front part of helmets of spacesuits.
  36. Google search - generate an attractive gravitational field
    New propulsion technologies e.g. can we generate a gravitational field that attracts something. For example a mass implies an attraction due to gravitational force, what if we could create a highly dense high mass in a small space maintained only as long as an electric field is maintained, and able to be shifted around a space about the perimeter of the space ship/ craft, ie any direction, that causes the craft to be attracted to it due to gravitational law of masses attracting.
  37. Google search - moving candle effect torch
    Small electric "candle effect" torches could be designed that have some moving cloth material and a fan (someone suggested that to me). Or that has a revolving sphere or cylinder around the bulb with cutout shapes periodically and colour filter to add to the "candle effect". Sounds a bit like an extension of mains operated nightclub effect lighting devices to the small portable battery operated torch market.
  38. Google search - electronic minatures
    Computer games interacting with realtime objects. For example an electronic chess set with real pieces that have infrared beam in the bottom to communicate with the sensor on each square it's on to tell where it is. A LCD screen can provide tips on moves to make (eg a1-c3, each square is numbered). Other games also with connections between pieces and board eg minatures.
  39. Google search - job search "specify weekly hours"
    Google search - job search for a specified number of weekly hours
    Seek to be able to specify the number of hours of work (range) I'd like per week, and for it to be flexible ie that I can vary it anytime without notice.
  40. Google search - wireless blackberry keyboard
    Wireless keyboard, monitor, mouse for PC or blackberry/mobile. So can transmit the screen/keyboard/mouse over a wireless link via a small usb plugon to the device and PC. Needs a password to access it. Not wifi because it's not a network connection, it's just the monitor/mouse/keyboard transmitted. Could be done using a wifi link and the transmission a higher level up above that layer that holds the wifi, eg associate with it an IP and Port for VNC, or even a webpage with its IP address.
  41. It is possible to Storyboard a Backlog Item by Using PowerPoint in Team Foundation Server in Visual Studio. A feature suggestion is the ability to export a windows phone storyboard to xaml (silverlight for windows phone 7).
  42. Google search - deploy visual studio windows phone 7 applications to a PC
    Ability to deploy visual studio 2010 windows phone 7 applications (including XNA games) to a windows phone 7 simulator executable that runs under microsoft windows. Presently it is possible to run a windows phone 7 simulator if you provide them with the source code and they're prepared to install a development environment, but not to simply deploy to a simple MS Windows Executable and perhaps also DLL(s).
  43. Google search - cat hire
    Google search - cat hire
    Google search - pet hire
    Hire a share of a virtual cat, someone pats and feeds and cleans it for you, you admire its cuteness by live webcam or by daily update videos of it's live time you can watch anytime, if you're not online when it goes live.
  44. Google search - "email a smiley" or and you go to the website put in "from" and "to" email and your name and it emails them a LOL hahaahhaaha. No subject line, no body except for the "LOL" - so not possible to send a spam link or email message. Also,, However I am not going to implement this myself even though I could, because it seems pointless - people can just send it in an email using their email web or application software. I could make in anonymous, but what's the point of an anonymous email such as this. Ok it could email a random person in its database, and when you send it adds you to the database as well. But again pointless, since there are penpal sites already with profiles etc.
  45. Google search - Animated person attribute changes
    Person with various attributes that change to the music (with fourier transform used ie frequency based), attributes are: left or right leg length (if unequal then they are standing on one leg), height of two party hats on each side of the top of their head, length of extension of party whistle being blown from their mouth, left or right arm length, nose extension outward (getting longer or shorter), anything else? It would look funny :)
    Google search - animation to music
  46. Google search - radio broadcaster mp3 library Online Radio Broadcasting Improvements. Songs for Creating a Radio Program. You can pick songs from an online library of many songs of all genres built into the broadcasting website, much like we can get now from youtube except this would be 100% legal. Then you would be able to record voice in between the tracks, optionally specifying an amount of overlap with the previous or next song, with a slider, or it could have no overlap. It will automatically fill in the track details on the webpage for your program, knowing the artist name, song name, and time it is played. To create an interview with someone, you will be able to upload a list of questions. Then, you can put in their email or search the broadcasting website's online database of contacts from throughout the world, and it will send an email to them automatically generated. They will be able to record answers to each question, when they click on the link to the website in their email, using their microphone on their headset. Later, you will record yourself asking each question, and optionally commenting on each of their answers. Then the system will automatically create the interview, by combining the questions, answers, and comments, and allowing you to crop any parts out of it if necessary. It can have music from their albums in between parts of the interview as well, optionally. It will also have the capability to schedule a phone interview, taking into account the GMT offset of both people, with the email link allowing them instead of answering the questions, to specify their availability for a live skype interview, which you would record, edit if necessary, and then upload to the website as part of your program.
  47. Google search - ball that can shift it's weight
    Google search - ball that can shift it's centre of mass
    Google search - weight shifting ball
    Google search - change mass distribution inside ball
    A new kind of ball. A new kind of sport is born, the same as the usual sport activities, except it uses a different kind of ball for these particular competitions. This new ball, has the property that it moves its mass towards the centre as it travels, causing it to increase in speed and cover more distance. It allows the golfer or batter in cricket, to deliver a powerful shot without requiring to be as fast, while the ball has its mass towards the outside, and then as the ball travels its mass moves towards the inside, through an internal hourglass or similar, (perhaps more than one small hole the sand or whatever is inside, can get from the outer region(s) to the inner region(s)). The ball also, if pushed up a slope, will tend to gain speed as it travels further up the hill. So, bigger versions of the ball, can be used to demonstrate the effect of gaining speed as it travels uphill, in a more pronounced effect due to the greater size of the ball. I thought about whether changing the centre of mass, could be useful for a rocket, to put its thrust into momentum with the centre of mass towards the outside of the rocket, which is then used to increase speed through changing the centre of mass further towards the centre. However, it seems unnecessary in that case. The ball design would need to ensure the mass stays centred so as not to cause the ball to change direction, for example by having layers between the inside and the outside that become occupied with mass one at a time. Perhaps, the outer layers would be thinner, to account for the fact that the same amount of mass needs to occupy a larger space. The ball would shift its weight from being distributed all at the outside, gradually moving its weight to the centre, as it travels when thrown, in order to increase the distance it is able to travel through the air. There would need to be some way of resetting the mass back to the outside again - perhaps when the ball is spinning, the mass moves towards the inside, through a series of channels inside the ball, and a spring inside allows it to shift back to the outside again when the ball stops spinning. Someone would need to take care of the engineering details of how to actually implement it and the actual design. Allow balls during sport to travel a further distance or have different motion characteristics which may be desirable during some sports. A ball adopting its motion during flight can have certain aerodynamic advantages.
  48. Google search - airplane spheres that rotate when moving
    Propellors for airplanes, helicopters, quadcopters etc operate in the 2d plane which is inefficient. Better would be to work in the 3d plane. Planets rotate in 3d, atoms spin in 3d. Why not the airplane sphere the whole outside of it rotates like a ball rotates when you throw it. The inside does not rotate so that people inside don't get rotated. Initial trials would have to be on an unmanned one. The motor would need to be able to rotate the outside of it in any given direction in 3d. I'm not sure how mechanically that would be achieved. The question is whether you can get propulsion of a craft by just rotating its outside (and the resulting friction causing movement). Someone had a similar idea I found somewhere with a "ufo" type craft that rotates and expells plasma to provide thrust. However I was thinking whether it could rotate in any direction it wants to go in like a thrown ball, not just rotating like a frisbee. Also plasma propulsion is better suited to long spacecraft flight. Maybe the inside of the spherical airplane can also rotate with an additional inner sphere having an equal speed in the opposite direction, so there is no actual net/total rotating for the people inside the spherical airplane.
  49. Google search - interactive music
    Interactive music - choose tempo/speed, which instruments, song length, pitch (transpose), vocalist male/female and who, and other parameters about the composition, and the song is customized for you (with the original tune and original chords still).
  50. Google search - songs in emotion categories
    Categorize songs into emotions. Select a song for the emotion you would like to encourage at that time.
  51. Google search - meetup "written note" sending
    Now I saw your private message (PM) when I gracefully edged across the room and into the PM bar to check on my private messages. Where computer chat rooms becomes a reality. Where you walk across the room and someone hands you a note with a message on it. Instead of a text message. Where you hand the note to someone who hands it to a random person in the room (perhaps of opposite gender to you).
    Google search -friendship "written note" exchange
  52. Google search - temperature changes flying ice cubes
    We can fly an aircraft full of icecubes from a cold climate to a warm climate, melt them to warm water, then fly them back again. Maybe use something that stores more energy to transfer (if we can find?). Idea is to Normalize the temperature across the world in winter and summer temperatures so it's 20C all year round ??
  53. Google search - floors that move
    A floor that goes nowhere.. i take a step forward and the floor moves to adjust it so i move nowhere. Then I can travel in the virtual world without actually moving in the room. The floor belt is attached to a sphere behind it, which can rotate in any direction. Then the sphere can have some resistance when moving, so you don't fall over. Of course there is gravity still, maybe a better way might be to have motors control the floor movement so it shifts you back into the centre of the room all the time. That way, you can jump, etc and never go anywhere. The only problem is, how do you avoid falling over when the floor suddenly moves? Well i think its imagination since i don't know how it will be real. Maybe we can have a gyroscope effect that somehow counters the movement?? I don't know how. Yes how about a floaty room with no gravity and yet when you move you go nowhere? as you press against the side of the room, all you do is rotate inside a giant sphere. so again, you can push to the side as if moving in your virtual world, but yet you go nowhere, all it does is rotate. Then we will need cars inside the virtual world so we can drive there. Maybe we should make a cube version just for people that hate spheres? I'm feeling giddy already, am i spinning inside my planet earth invisibly without realising it? If we're actually a super computer of humans simulating a virtual reality that is "earth" then maybe the computer is spinning? around planet zeltoid... perhaps :) Administer an anti emetic so people don't get sick. It's like those balls they have that float on the water and you get inside it. when you walk, the ball just rotates and you go nowhere. I'm sure they can think of something like that for virtual reality so you can move without actually going anywhere, and then the sensor determines where you have moved in the virtual world. But your not actually spinning, only the ball is. So you shouldn't get giddy. I wasn't in the spinning apparatus, I was watching you inside it, trying to design my experiments for an optimum virtual world smoothly transitioning between movements.
  54. Google search - make acting collaboration videos online
    Google search - acting collaboration online
    Google search - webcam acting collaboration
    Webcam acting collaborations website to perform scripts using people's webcams combined into the final video output. People can sit, stand, whatever they like, on their webcam, can dress up, but don't have to. What will happen is that people will be on their webcams, then they will be assigned to characters in the play that people have chosen to perform you will be able to create new play by choosing an existing script or even putting in your own script (sorted by number of characters required) or join existing play (waiting on more characters to join). People can take one character or more than one character in the play (if permitted by the rules set by the person who created the play). The text will appear for the script at the bottom (a bit like for a karaoke video) and on the top your cam will be shown as well as the recording video and the menu. Your next words to say will be in green, and the text that is currently being said by someone will be highlighted. The current webcam actively being recorded will be the one shown in the recording video, and will correspond to the person whose turn it is to speak. To say your line, you will press the "start speaking" button, and hen to stop you will click "stop speaking", and your webcam and voice will be added to the recording video (which will freeze at the end of the last person speaking that just finished their line). The site will have the ability to rate videos and actors and to watch videos created by people in various genre categories. We have karaoke on webcams, recorded on our own, as well as live and non-live music collaborations such as eJamming. Now it's time for acting collaborations.
  55. Robot suit that you can wear that has big and stable feet and prevents you from overbalancing/ falling - it detects inbalance and automatically corrects it if necessary by using its robot motors. If you do fall over somehow, it has a sequence of movements that can be applied using its motors to bring you to a standing position again without the person having to use their own muscles. Also the suit insulates you against bruises with foam padding against all of your body. It protects you from bone breaks by preventing unacceptable positions for body parts such as legs, arms etc. It can also assist your muscles if you are tired from walking, by the motors doing the hard work for you. This would be great for elderly or overweight people that may like extra assistance to walk and to avoid falls, people working in physical jobs will appreciate it because it takes the difficult load off your muscles by applying movements for you in the direction you make them in without applying any forces against something that could potentially break an object with your arms force. Also it could provide protection if hard while being able to bend, surfaces are used on the outside of the robot.
  56. Google search - decoding conversations of bird tweets
    I think, one day we will be able to understand bird tweets what they are saying and same goes for other animals like cats meowing and dogs barking and woofing and those little chihuahuas.
  57. Google search - shower sunscreen
    Get in the shower and the sunscreen will wash on? Well, it does sound feasible, but how will they make it edible or at least non toxic? So, we can eat (drink) it without being harmful. Sunscreen in the water supply, like chlorine?
  58. Google search - light art
    An artwork made of lots of tiny light bulbs of different colours, that actually light up when power is connected. Like, pegs in a grid of holes. If a bulb blows, you have to unscrew it and screw in a new one. Or, there could be a light bulb in the centre behind the artwork, and cellophane squares or circles throughout the artwork that let through different colours of light that make up the picture.
  59. Google search - how to view in english
    (not on a smartphone, ie, on a desktop PC in a web browser)
  60. Computer mice that can squeak. Outside material or just top & sides or a layer through the middle, able to be compressed yielding a squeak. Like those squeaky soft toys you can get, or like hacky sack balls. Or hard foam. How to prevent mouse going out of shape. Maybe just the edges of the mouse can compress, through an I shaped material (top and bottom of I are sides of mouse, and stem is through the middle of the mouse where the squeaky material is in the middle that gets compressed to squeak). There would be some design surely, for a computer mouse, that can yield a squeak, while still being ergonomic for daily use at work or home. What a gimmick. But funny still.
  61. Chat room i mean an actual shop (in person) where you go and chat to other people it has lots of chat rooms in the shop. it would need to be moderated so if someone got angry the bouncer would ask them to leave.
  62. Robot pets
  63. Digital two-axis inclination (level) gauge for quadcopters left/right and front/back inclination checking. Could also be used by landscape & other architects. Use a soluble metal ion instead of water, then a grid of cells on the outer edge of the inside to measure conductivity and determine where the air bubble is inside the gauge. These already exist, is that how they work?
  64. Digital compass (determines angle 0-360 from north of front) with built in digital two-axis inclinometer for left/right (x) and front/back (y) tilt directions. For the closest I could find to this sort of thing see:
  65. Dishwashers could have a water pressure/power setting so you can set it to powerful or less powerful
  66. Record a meow bird tweet or any animal sounds onto your usb stick at a pet shop in different booths to take home 50c per 10mins. Pre-recordings available in case the animal is silent at the time. Comes with audacity editing software freeware for PC on the usb stick, so you can edit it later to remove the silence parts.
  67. Cars that can drive by themselves, and/or can take over from a user in a potential accident, beeps if someone behind you approaching too fast.
  68. One card that can hold the contents of multiple cards eg medicare, video hire, bank, proof of age, drivers licence, libraries. This is like the "Australia Card" idea that didn't go ahead in the end. There would be privacy implemented eg medicare would not be able to access information on your card about video hire, only common information (eg name, phone, postal address) and medicare information (eg card number).
  69. 3D Printers - printers that print out 3d objects in multiple colours and maybe also using multiple materials.
  70. Humanoid robots (robots that look like humans)
  71. Computers that can learn to have conversation as if they were a person
  72. Google search - light speed computers
    To me it seems there are two ways forward for future improved/faster computers. One is for the logic gates (eg NAND) to have multiple states, presently it is just 0 (0 volts) or 1 (5 volts) but in future there could be other intermediate voltage states such as 1v,2v,3v,4v, and then computer logic would need to be built on multiple states not just 0 and 1. The second way is for computer chips to use light/photons/laser light, instead of electricity, to perform logic operations and have photon transitors and photon electronics instead of electron electronics. The third way which is suggested in the current literature is described as "quantum computers", using qubits, if you imagine a coin can be spinning and is neither heads or tails but it might have 75% chance it is heads and 25% chance it is tails. The physics allows us to shift that probability to 25% tails and 75% heads, or perhaps even to 50% heads and 50% tails. The logic "0" would be represented by the unit of memory having probability 25% heads 75% tails, and the logic "1" would be represented by 75% heads 25% tails. To me this means that in order to read the state to determine if it is "0" or "1" would require doing multiple tosses of the coin to see how many times it comes up heads and how many times it comes up tails, to then determine whether the probability was 25% heads 75% tails, or 75% heads 25% tails. However physics says that once you read the coin (allowing it to fall onto a head or tail) it is no longer possible to read it again with that probability, since it could now be a different probability due to the new way it is then spun. I think it would be better if in fact our coin could be modified to be 75% heads 25% tails, or 75% tails 25% heads, allowing multiple tosses of the coin to be able to be done so that we can determine the true probability that the coin is currently configured for. For example, if the material or some aspect of the "coin" can be changed somehow in order to reconfigure it's tossing probability for heads and tails, as a way of storing a logic "0" or logic "1".
  73. Other interesting things
  74. Plasma propulsion engines are especially suited to long distance space missions since they operate at higher efficiency and for longer. "It works by tearing electrons from hydrogen atoms to produce the ionized gas, and then by propelling them in an electric field, which accelerates the plasma and expels it out of the back of the engine at high speeds".
  75. Parallel realities- where everything is the same except for one thing that is slightly different (for example penicillin was never invented, from the sliders science fiction show). There is some possibility that parallel realities could actually be true. Consider this: If you travel far enough in an infinite universe then eventually you should find a planet with that parallel universe existing on it, assuming the universe really is infinite then every permutation of possibilities should exist. In fact it is thought that there are 40,000 worlds with life having intelligence at least that of humans on earth- that's not infinite. However, what if there is more than one universe.
  76. How can we get to other planets far away that may contain life, can we build a fast space ship, and that is strong enough and able to navigate around/ avoid running into planets/ moons asteroids etc as it moves. Perhaps nuclear powered? (is that safe? fast?). What about nuclear fusion power (can we succesfully develop that one day?) How fast would it go if it continually accelerates as it's moving, would it go too fast to be able to safely navigate? Gliese 581d, 20 light years away, is thought to possibly be able to sustain human life, but it would take 300,000 years to reach with todays rocket technology.
  77. Time Travel- it is known that time travel into the future is possible, by travelling at speeds approaching the speed of light. However time travel into the past is possible, if one is prepared to travel across the infinite universe, to find an identical planet where the events, people on it and reality there is equivalent to that of an earlier time on earth. In fact it is thought that time travel into the past is also possible with a wormhole or alternatively by a spaceship travelling near the speed of light and using a cosmic string. A wormhole is where space-time warps and folds over so that two points normally a long way away, temporarily coincide and it is possible to travel between them just by travelling a short distance. In fact if it is possible to send a message faster than the speed of light then it is possible to send a message back in time. Ways to send a message faster than the speed of light include, a tachyon transceiver, a traversable wormhole, or a ship with an Alcubierre drive (evidently it is up to speculation whether these really can exist). If it is possible for you to time travel into the past, then it is possible to predict something about the future, specifically, that you will time travel back to the past and thus also still be alive, however the rest is still undefined, like in the cat in the box for schrodingers cat. Hence it is possible for some things to be defined about the future and other things to as yet be undefined. In fact I wonder whether it might be possible to see into the future and do things in the present to prepare for that future, however the other alternative is that the past is influencing the future and hence it just seems like we could see something of the future back in the past but really it was just because we influenced things. In fact scientific forecasting is used to attempt to predict the future.
  78. Clothes made of flexible solar panels and also generate energy from movement can charge your mobile or mp3 player (carried on you). See these articles:
  79. Electric cars. Electric "petrol" stations have solar panels that charge their batteries and you go there and swap to charged batteries (requires swapping the whole batteries). Alternatively vanadium battery charged liquid swap. Or could do the usual thing and charge the battery (such as lithium ion batteries are fairly quick to charge). See the following articles:
  80. Explanations for quantum physics? Quantum physics consists of only quantized energy states (like going down a series of steps) (and it's a wave rather than a particle? or maybe both, superposition of?) but also it is considered the probability of an electron making it over the hill (hill of an electric field that slows the electron down for example) whereas in classical physics a tennis ball would be considered to have the energy to make it over the hill or not, no probability. Having probability to me speaks of a consciousness in quantum physics, because only something conscious could "decide" something which results in a change in decision from classical physics where it will or won't make it over the hill, to a probability where it might make it over the hill if that electron really wanted to. This supposes that the amount of potential energy it has, isn't necessarily all used, depending on probability. Another possibility is that the probability of the electron making it over the hill, could be a function of its future and past probability of making it over the hill, meaning the electron could actually predict the future (if there is some correlation between the future probability of making it over the hill, and the past probability of making it over the hill). The question is whether all of these tiny particles predictions of the future could add up to a larger scale prediction. This assumes that the electron is not interacting with another electron, and that it has a consciousness. Another possibility to explain quantum physics is that, two electrons could happen by probability to bump into each other and the second electron could bump the first electron over the hill - only if the second electron happens through probability to come along at just that moment and position and bump the first electron, will the first electron make it over the hill. Instead of electrons bumping each other over the hill, it could be, some smaller particle than the electron, happening to come along and bumping into and adding to the electrons energy, so it makes it over the hill. Or even superposition of waves, adding up to a wave with sufficient amplitude that the underlying particle or if you imagine water makes it over the hill. It doesn't need to be conscious to explain why probability could make the electron make it over the hill, as long as there is some other particle (electron or smaller) involved that can add to its energy, but what if that particle influencing the electron's energy is considered to be the conscious decision.
  81. Quantum Entanglement - an explanation. Firstly quantum superposition, which is where particles occupy two or more mutually incompatible states until they're observed. For example a particle could be in two cities at once, and once it is observed, it collapses down into only being in the one city. Quantum mechanics states that you can't predict which city the particle will appear in, and also, you can't affect which city it will be in. Now, two particles can be in superpositions of being either horizontally or vertically polarized. The spookiness of Quantum Entanglement is that the two particles can be created in a state where (for example) their polarizations have to be opposite (perpendicular), for example if one is measured and found to be horizontally polarized then when the other is measured it will be vertically polarized - irrespective of the distance separating the particles. This seems like faster than light communication is going on between the particles.
    In fact I later found out the following analogy explains it. Write 0 on one bit of paper and 1 on another bit of paper, fold the papers so you cannot see which is which, give one to one person and one to another person, they can be located some distance away. When person one looks at their paper to see what number is on their paper, the state of person two's paper then collapses down into a known state.
  82. If you put a few grapes into a balloon, and then fill it with helium, will the grapes explode? Or, when the balloon pops, will the grapes fall out onto the grass and be edible? What else could you use (that's harmless if it collides into someone during balloon popping).
  83. Looking at June 2013 on the timeanddate website it can be seen that the shortest length of day is 21 June 2013 with 9h 46m 29sec. Before or after this date there is a longer day length (time between sunrise and sunset). This is 3 weeks 3 days away from 15 July which is the coldest day, similarly for the longest day, 22 Dec 2013, which is 3 weeks 3 days from the middle of summer 15 Jan 2014. This delay between shortest day and coldest day 3 weeks later, is due to the time it takes for the oceans and ground to cool down or warm up, there is a delay between when the days change length, and the actual temperatures begin to change. Therefore the seasons need to correspond with the actual lowest (or highest) temperatures not the shortest (or longest) days.
  84. "During the flu season of 2005, an experiment was performed to test the idea that being cold can make you sick. 90 people kept their feet in a bowl of ice water for 20 minutes, while a control group of 90 people put their feet in an empty bowl for 20 minutes. Over the next 5 days, 29% of the group with chilled feet developed cold symptoms, compared to only 9% of the control group. Professor Eccles explained this effect by saying that our bodies restrict blood flow to the extremities when we get cold to help conserve body heat for the torso and brain, which really need to be warm. Cutting off the blood flow reduces the supply of white blood cells which are the immune system's primary weapon against germs." (
  85. Two common things that are often wrongly interpreted. Firstly, seasons are not caused by the distance of the earth to the sun, the effect of that is too small. Seasons are caused by the tilt of the earth on its axis, which results in longer or shorter hours of daylight in a day, and the southern hemisphere facing the sun in december and the northern hemisphere facing the sun (during the day) in june. Australia has summer in dec-jan-feb and America has summer in june-july-august. If it was caused by the distance to the sun we would all have our seasons at the same time. Secondly, the Coriolis effect (eg velocity due to rotation of the earth) is too small in a sink to affect the direction the water goes down the sink, in some sinks it will go anticlockwise and other sinks clockwise, in the same hemisphere/part of the world. In a cannonball shot north from the earths equator, the coriolis effect is not negligible because once it travels sufficiently far north the ground isn't moving as fast as the cannonball so it will appear curved relative to the ground. This is also why hurricanes rotate in certain directions in different hemispheres.
  86. At the lowest energy is 0 degrees kelvin = -273.15 degrees celcius. As energy is increased, temperature increases toward infinity and entropy increases, then eventually it reaches maximum entropy where all particles are evenly distributed between all possible energies and suddenly it flips to negative infinity temperature and increasing energy further decreases entropy and heads us toward zero temperature (New Scientist 12 Jan 2013 p12)
  87. One way the liver in the body purifies blood is by adding a "chuck this out" label to molecules. Unfortunately since this label is made of a kind of sugar, some bugs in the gut have a sweet tooth and this can result in things being recycled instead of disposed of (New Scientist 12 Jan 2013 p 31)
  88. World's deadliest animals
  89. Why dogs spin before they poop
    Dogs spin before they poop. They prefer to be oriented north-south when pooping. Just like birds can sense the earths magnetic field and use it to migrate when seasons change, dogs use the magnetic field to orient themselves before pooping. It was also thought dogs might prefer to flatten the ground around where they are going to poop, which is why they spin around first. Dogs also spin around before going to sleep. It is thought that humans used to be able to see the earths magnetic field.
  90. New batteries: Supercapacitors using graphene (1 atom thick carbon based material, a very strong material), made from graphite discovered when cleaning a graphite rock with tape. The batteries of the future, charge in seconds, and store enough energy to run an electric car. The inventor won the 2010 nobel prize for physics. "While as of 2014, graphene is not used in commercial applications, many have been proposed and/or are under active development, in areas including electronics, biological engineering, filtration, lightweight/strong composite materials, photovoltaics and energy storage" (Wikipedia Graphene)
  91. Cylinders of carbon made through nanotechnology, changing material properties of materials, to make gloves and other things that can be coated with it, that oil/soil/water roll off it, or changing heat conductance, electrical conductance, strength and other properties by mixing with the material. Paperthin electronic tablets (colour touch screen) which can be folded.
  92. Quadcopters. Four propellors facing up on the ends of a plus shape, to control the quadcopter, but it requires feedback (reflector markers on it seen through video cameras), to stay stable, and controlled using control systems. Balance a stick with ball on top end, on the centre of the quadcopter. Throw the quadcopter and it just recovers and returns to position again. Quadcopter mimics a fluid in the air. Quadcopter resists motion/forces, returning to the same spot. Three quadcopters hold the sides of a net which bounces a ball back when thrown at it. One quadcopter contains a racket which intercepts and bounces a ball back when thrown at it.


Questions and answers

Some Questions were asked of females, over the internet using the MeetMe website, yielding various Answers. I thought up the questions. It is interesting to look at the responses. Have fun reading them :)

50 Questions that will free your mind - Jevan's Answers

50 Questions that will free your mind - Jevan's answers

A higher being

There certainly seems to be a higher power (e.g god). But I am unsure what exactly it will do. I wonder whether the higher power could be made up of the collective consciousness of the whole world. Or whether it is just influenced by the collective consciousness of the world (e.g. trying to answer everyone's prayers). Like, we can train a neutral network in computers, maybe peoples prayers are training the neural network of the higher power, which then influences everything into the future.

Various Psychology Ideas

  1. Google search - glasses that modify emotions
    Glasses that modify the actions/emotions of people that are seen. In its simplest form it would display an image to both eyes that can be seen when the glasses are worn, that would correspond to the image seen by the small videocameras on the outside of the glasses. Then the people would be modified, when you first see someone they would wave hello. Everyone would be shown to smile, if neutral emotion shown in reality (crying would be left as is, perhaps). People in cars would not be modified, only people walking or standing.
  2. Google search - alzheimers regular contact family friends
    It is put as a hypothesis that Alzheimers is avoided or reduced in people who have regular (e.g. once/week) contact with their children (who are usually now adults). This might be because of the shared memories that can persist between each other, that reinforces the use of memory, and having contact between family members or long time friends, could reinforce this. However, there is also a possibility that it could be the other way around, having contact with people older than you instead of younger, could reduce alzheimers, due to the contribution from age difference.
  3. Google search - learning older younger teachers
    Do people learn better (ability and skill transfers) from someone same age, older, or younger? Does someone older or younger or same age, result in greater happiness and better outcomes, for a friend? for a relationship? Include the effect of society's / others opinions on seeing this happen and the sense of approval or not from others. What attributes and factors contribute to a friendship which is good for mental health for both people? Do people live longer when in a relationship or living with a friend who is older, younger, or same age, and what characteristics are best for them to have?
  4. Google search - psychological benefits of making music
    Playing a musical instrument and/or being in a choir, could also increase intelligence, skill, and talent at academic areas, for those people that are musical. Some people just need to listen to classical (or other) music in their spare time to get an effect that helps them with maths and other academic areas and productivity and logical outputs and work and study. I think this is because playing and listening to music is relaxing and enjoyable and helps you achieve work/life balance for the times you are studying or working instead.
  5. Google search - acting to improve autism outcomes
    Doing classes of hobbies such as acting, dance, music, art can increase your ability to interact with other people, by providing things you can do in common with each other, together. I think there could be benefit in sending people with aspergers or autism to acting classes, if they can handle it, since they need as much contact with people as they can get to learn social skills.
  6. Fixing problems in the brain by showing certain visual patterns to the eye that trigger certain brainwave responses. Detecting learned problems in the brain (we assume most problems are learned) by looking through the eye. Perhaps reading the EEG through the eye? Or, look at what the eye is seeing, and the electrical response to it where the eye meets the brain (if we can measure that by looking in the eye with a sensor), and look at differences between people. How can we get a picture of what is going on in the brain, by looking through the eye(s)? What about the pupil? Aside: What can we tell about the body's health from the feet? For example, circulation.
  7. Checkout Phobia - Fear that you will miss checking out something, or checkout the wrong type of apples, and therefore pay the wrong amount to the supermarket. Umbrella Phobia - fear that you'll forget your umbrella and then it will rain.
  8. Reading fiction books is an excellent way to improve your english for example learning as a primary school child.

Some Psychology Development Ideas

  1. Logic development: Rather than specific ages and stages, logic skills can be considered to become more advanced with the development of learning topics. For example, a 9 year old can write a simple computer program to control a robot turtle (in logo), this could be indicative of formal operations (ages 11 through 15) since it includes the use of logic, however they might have difficulty understanding the consequences of their actions (such as, behaviour) and applying logic when it applies to people and language. On the other hand, a 9 year old who does acting classes might have a good level of skills in the logical application of thoughts in regard to people and with the use of language, but might not have good mathematical or computational logic skills. Therefore, it is put forward that logic develops at the age at which the learning is acquired for the application of logic in a particular learning topic area (such as drama, maths, computing) and that logic skills in one topic area do not imply good logic skills in another topic area. This is because, in order to have logic skills, requires to learn the "alphabet" of the topic area (be that mathematical symbols, or dramatic movements). However once knowledge of multiple topic areas is gained, a good level of ability to use logic, will transfer across topics when that logic is applied.
  2. Creativity: In creative pursuits such as the arts (eg dance, music, creative writing and script writing, drawing), random creations are often valued (what you try to make randomly, actually ends up being created by your subconscious), where creativity ends up making it happen and when more accomplished it can "just happen by itself" when with someone else such as a tutor or music teacher, other times it's guided by conscious thought.
  3. Development is learning
  4. Learning Topics: These correspond with typical base subject areas - art, maths, computing, biology, physics, chemistry (i.e. sciences), english, human movement, sport, acting/ drama, dance, music (if you think of others you can add them).
  5. Topics can be categorised such as, those involving movement and teamwork (sport, dance, acting), those involving intellectual thought (maths, science), and those involving specifically creative output (art, acting, english such as creative writing and poetry).
  6. Moment-By-Moment. This refers to the sense of dealing with issues as they arise, and not worrying about them unless they do. This does not imply there is no Planning & Contingency ( logical planning and writing out of what will be done if something goes wrong for example if it rains and an outdoor event was planned). With moment-by-moment, for example, someone might forget that some people are taller and some shorter and might not be able to reach the same things that they can, so they may assume everyone is the same as themself, unless presented by a problem momentarily where someone needs help.


A woman taking the pill noticed that she was less attracted to guys (based on looks) than when she stopped taking it. Scents affect whether someone seems more masculine or feminine. Sometimes women are more intuitive than men, due to genetics.

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