Ideas (2016)

  1. Canberra Weekly to have on it's website an archive of PDFs of each edition for download
  2. iPlay to have videoing capability for all of their games
    for pool/snooker, table tennis, air hockey, car racing, etc, so I can download a video of the game I just played onto my USB stick to watch it later anytime I like to at home on my desktop PC.
  3. Autoscreenrecorder aborts the recording sometimes
    In fact I have another PC screen video recorder that also has the same problem. It usually occurs when I am editing a file (e.g. in notepad) and I save it. It seems to be accessing the hard drive to write that causes the problem.
  4. Google search - unity3d in a virtual machine
    I was wanting to run unity3d in hyper-v in Windows 10 Pro. The graphics of unity3d does not work in virtualbox. The compiled program will not run at all (that I received from Isaac Bernier-Doyle). Also, it is not advisable to allow 3d acceleration in virtual box, for security reasons.
  5. Google search - tagged matches matches how can you display ones not contacted only
  6. Google search - irfanview black background instead of transparent

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