Ideas (2019)

  1. (2019oct7) When a web server lists the files in a folder on a website for possible download when there is no index (.html/etc) file, it would be better if the filename is in the last column and having unlimited length, so that long filenames can be seen in the listings.
  2. (2019oct1) Android WIFI PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) device with stylus pen for creating handwriting notes, that is not a mobile and does not send SMS
    This device would communicate with the internet using WIFI which would enable any of the Google Play Android Apps on it to work that might require the internet such as smule for recording karaoke (the PDA would need a microphone and headphone socket built in, and a camera), and gmail for email. It cannot make or receive phone calls or send/receive SMS.
  3. (2019sep29) New ways of taking a sample of stomach and intestine contents
    Normally this is done with a small stool sample. However I was wondering whether a pill could be created that one swallows, that contains electronics or biotechnology chemicals that cause it to absorb materials through it's outer layer when it reaches the stomach and intestines, then the pill can be collected once it passes through the body and out (could be difficult to do). I also wondered whether a chemical that contains tannins could be swallowed which then absorbs some of the contents of the stomach and intestine, once it passes out of the body, the scientist could use biochemistry to convert the chemical result of tannins absorption of stomach and intestine contents back to just it's contents again without the tannins anymore, so that we can see what was in the stomach and intestine based on what had been absorbed, which is hopefully anything that is there that the stomach and intestine might have been processing.
  4. (2019aug24) Virtual Meetings for people with any disability (physical or mental)
    This could be a webcam/ screen sharing meeting such as with, or events using shared collaboration websites such as a shared whiteboard that all can write/draw on and with text chat. The point is to have meetings/ events for people with disability to interact and do together their hobbies and interests and any productive volunteer or paid work, from home, virtual using the internet. There needs to be a website for organizing virtual events involving only disabled participants, like which is for in-person events of anyone, but for virtual (from home using the internet) events only and for people with a disability only. Also everything needs to be recorded and downloadable after (video, text chat, audio, file attachments shared, images shared, etc) so that disabled participants can review the material anytime in future in their own time, in order to benefit from it.
  5. (2019aug8) Disability Friend Job Placements
    A job agency that places people with a disability into jobs, for their desired number of weekly hours of paid or volunteer work, would place two people with a disability into jobs, and by having a friend who also has a disability (physical or mental, anything) in the workplace then it can be more likely to succeed since you would not be the only disabled person there since there would be two disabled people placed into positions in the company, so that I would feel more comfortable in the workplace and would be more motivated to work and it would be more likely to be successful for both of us.
  6. (2019aug8) List of Businesses and organizations whose manager or CEO has a disability and their contact details
    This would be useful since as part of encouraging inclusion, helping everyone, I am interested to work (paid or volunteer) for businesses/organizations whose CEO or manager has a disability (can be mental or physical, anything).
    Google search: ceo with a disability
    I did not find any useful results in this search.
  7. Solutions that are good for the environment
    1. (2019jul14) Instead of plastic containers and plastic plates and plastic cutlery for food court food, we can have cardboard containers and cardboard cutlery, drink containers for single-use drinks bought from juice shops etc can be made from cardboard and a plastic lid is not required on drink and food containers when the customer is going to consume the item straight away, if the customer is taking it home then a cardboard lid could be placed onto it. We need a shift towards cardboard not plastic, for all single-use items. Plastic is still useful in items such as electronic goods, and has advantages for things where the item is used many times.
    2. (2019jun11) Instead of disposable single use plastic drink containers from juice shops, reusable plastic cups/containers could be issued and the customer drinks the drink while at the cafe/shop/eatery/food court area, and then returns it to the shop who washes it for reuse. Another possibility is that all cutlery (plates, knife/fork/spoon, bowls, cups and mugs) could be washed by a washing centre in each food court, that handles the washing of cutlery using multiple dishwasher electronic appliances, for all of the shops in the food court and then issues the washed items to any of the shops that require them.
    3. (2019jun10) Heating or cooling the person, not the whole room, by wearing clothing made from multiple flexible electronic patches - These wearable patches could keep you both cool and warm, written by David Wagman
  8. (2019jun5) Have a different colour for each belt buckle hole so that it's easy to remember which hole I used
  9. (2019may21) Technology for the blind
  10. (2019may2) Jewelry that can be clipped on (attached) to the top of a hat, the hat would need something on it that allows jewelry to be able to be attached to its centre top
  11. (2019apr30) Wireless Clickers for Powerpoint Presentations could have an LCD screen with an image of the current slide so that presenters don't have to look behind them
  12. How can we cure Parkinson's?
  13. What strategies can be used to find new drugs to cure medical conditions - mental illnesses, and non-mental illnesses?
  14. (2019mar18) Unable to install OrCAD
    I was planning to enter some basic PSpice electronic circuits and then simulate them, and make a YouTube video of me doing that.
  15. (2019mar6) Two mobile phone sims (or landline voip plans) with the same phone number (not presently possible) that both ring and both can answer and makes a 3-person phone call, or a phone number that forwards its ringing to two landline VOIP phones and whichever first answers the forwarded call gets a 2-person phone call, with the option for a 3-person (or more than 3) phone call if enabled in voip settings
  16. (2019feb25) Search for solutions for a Brain Tumor (if someone gets one)
    They now have a way of moving a brain tumor from its location to somewhere else where it can more easily be removed. However the problem I can see is it's still in the brain just somewhere else, what they really need to do is have it come right out of the body totally! Quoted from the ideaconnection page: "the Tumor Monorail is designed to resemble the white brain matter, a favorite destination of the tumor cells. As the tumor cells migrate toward the mimic, they travel instead up to a chamber near the exterior of the brain, where they can be killed or removed".
    (2019mar5) What I think would be best is if the cancer attracting substance can be placed into the bloodstream for example injected into your arm or taken as a tablet, then it makes its way through the body and brain, attracting cancer substance everywhere it goes, until it is cleared out of the bloodstream and into urine/ poo and naturally exits the body, all without any surgery.
  17. (2019feb20) Libraries contained collections of 3d models to be available, including a movements object that defines predefined movements for each object that can be requested by the software to execute them, and movement interactions between objects such as two people holding hands walking side by side, or bow, or laugh, or walk, or sit on the chair, dance 1, dance 2, dance contemporary solo 1, dance contemporary duo 1, dance ballroom duo foxtrot, etc.
  18. (2019feb15) It would be a good feature if had a way that listeners can download any of my podcasts from there as mp3 audio files for each podcast episode
  19. (2019feb14) CCTV / Security Video Cameras should record audio as well as video picture
    This is because the audio could be helpful in identifying what exactly is going on and who the people involved might be, if there is an incident.
  20. (2019feb8) Cardboard Spoons
  21. (2019feb5) Reaper multitrack audio auto-exports from JamTaba on NinJam System to include each musical instrument name not just musician name and country
  22. Parallel realities, a personalized reality
  23. Causality from future to present
  24. In the future I think people will be able to shift their existence/spirit into different bodies of different people, that could be located anywhere in the world, so there will be no need for long distance international physical travel anymore. When they shift into the new body, the face of the person will change to match the person that is presently inhabiting it. There is already technology to use an EEG to extract the images seen in the past by your eyes or to extract the thoughts you are thinking - actually it doesn't retrieve thoughts, rather, it uses machine learning to compare a predefined set of sentences with the EEG and select the most likely match. Future steps may be able to do things like have a person create art using EEG just by imagining the images, or create music using EEG just by imagining the whole band's music that is composed in your mind, or extract music and audio dialogue of past converations that you have heard, and extract memories. When I make digital art or music, I initially use the conscious mind to try all sorts of things using logical concepts, then after a while the subconscious takes over and allows me to raise the standard of my creations significantly and without me knowing how it happens. So with EEG methods it is just another input device that would enable us one day not to need a mouse or computer keyboard. In addition one day it would be possible to record and then replay the mind various experiences such as by experts in various fields, to help with learning, so that another person could experience a replay of an experience that an expert previously did that was recorded, with them experiencing the exact throughts, views through their eyes, audio through their ears, it would be as if they were actually that other person, during the replay of the recording. I wondered whether schizophrenia in the present time (2019) - hearing voices - could be caused by a future problem that may occur for that particular person when their brain EEG merges with another person's EEG (when EEG signals are copied realtime between two people via external electrical copying) that they are not compatible with, note that this implies causality in the direction from the future to the past. I am thinking it might be better just to have one small (external) EEG reader sensor and one small (external) EEG writer on each person, for transferring the EEG from person 1's reader to person 2's writer and from person 2's reader to person 1's writer, in realtime, since if there are multiple points copied between two people there could be incorrect echos created where the same signal attributes are picked up by multiple sensors at different places. This could be called the transmission point and receiving point, for each person. However I don't know whether it would matter if that point is always at the same location or not, but for simplicity a helmet (like a bike helmet) could be put on each person when they want to use EEG communication, that already contains the reader and writer, so yes it would need to work through hair.
  25. We have Jingle Cats of cats meowing christmas carols in tune, now we need Jingle Roosters/Hens of Hens singing buk buk in tune to christmas carols
    Guess what, it already exists for a song from Frozen! buk buk!
  26. 3D Viewing Experience
    Use the concept of rewritable CDs to make a rewritable plate whose surface is used to create 3d holograms thus 3d tv. Alternatively, having tiny rows of colour LCD pixels at different distances from the viewer (different rows and columns are at different distances) so it is possible to pick not only the row and column of a pixel but also the distance from the viewer hence a 3D look. Jan Panteltje from sci.physics suggested that Eidophor might be capable of being adapted to render true 3D imaging by shooting a laser (or coloured lasers) at an oil plate to get the hologram. Another possibility is rotating cylinder of LCD pixels whose radius changes around the circumference, thereby allowing for depth depending on which part of the cylinder's rotation the pixel is on, the problem with that is the refresh rate could be slower (since it has to wait for a full rotation before it can display the next frame), and secondly the height of the effective screen area is not uniform since it is continually changing, but then perhaps it wouldn't change much if it was a big cylinder with only gradual changes in radius, though it would have to spin very quickly then and how would persistence of vision work (perhaps we can have a mist of flouorescent/luminescent gas that retains the pixel that passes by it for a short time). In which case we could have a moving flat LCD screen that moves back and forth (closer and further away) and delivers a pixel grid at different distances, the problem with that is it would block the luminescent pixel spaces behind it until it moves back.

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