Issues to solve (2018)

  1. Google search - spytech spyagent not saving all files
    I use SpyAgent to keep a history of everything I do on my computer. Firstly, sometimes it's AutoArchive stops working properly and only saves some of the log file informations. When I do Log Actions, Clear All Activity Logs, then it goes back to working again. Secondly, sometimes multiple SpyAgent icons appear in the taskbar. Thirdly, sometimes the archive fails and does not occur, the SpyAgent window pops up in this situation and I usually just minimize it.
  2. Plastic or Paper, which is better for the environment?
  3. Skyperious is a skype history exporter software no longer works with skype V8 for windows desktop PC
  4. Skype V8 for desktop PC windows no longer has a text log export feature
  5. Skype for desktop PC windows is no longer compatible with the Pamela skype plugin
  6. web hosting and domain registrar system is blocking valid non-spam emails by wrongly determining that they are spam
  7. It seems to me that for RAID to work best, we would need two mirrors of each hard disk, so that there are three options for each bit of data and the system can pick the two that are the same if a third option is wrong/ inconsistent, ie, a consensus with the best two that agree out of three options, being the correct bit of data for each bit of data.
  8. Ice cream containers to contain scoops of ice cream, ie many sphere balls of ice cream, so that it's easier to serve
  9. Thunderbird sometimes stops communicating with my local (on the same computer) email server (WinGate) until I restart WinGate from the toolbar icon and then it works again.
  10. Thunderbird when decoding a utf-8 email, displays the wrong email
  11. Ability to delete a paltalk account and/or a room that I created
  12. Google search - facebook download whole group
    Websites such as social media (facebook, twitter, etc) & friendship (tagged, meetme, etc) & chat (skype, paltalk, yahoo messenger, etc) & so on, any website that has discussion forums, discussion pages with comments, image posting, discussions, chats, needs the ability for anyone to be able to download the whole of the content of that particular group or page or chat room, with one click for offline viewing and historical saving/archiving for ability to look back it in future anytime in an offline way and as simple as possible to be able to automate it, such as automatic text chat (including emoticons and images sent) & voice message audio and video message logging to your desktop PC of content in chat room websites with ability to specify a start date and end date, or everything that occurred while you were logged on to the website or chat software. One of the problems with facebook's "download my data" function is that it only downloads the posts and comments and likes that I do, not the things that everyone else wrote, so I cannot see the entire discussion to understand exactly what was going on, whereas if there is ability to download the discussion and posts and content of the whole group or page or website for offline viewing, would be better. For example I have started posting a compressed single file download for some of my websites and subdomains that contains the whole website that people can download the whole website with one click, and the file has the date and time the website snapshot was compressed into a downloadable file so that you can keep track of different versions when I modify the website, my websites don't have the ability for people to post content/ comments/ discussions/ chats, so that it is much simpler for me to have created a simple single website one-click download link, but websites with content that can be uploaded need to have a single click way of downloading that particular user or group or page with all it's discussions and posts for future potential offline use by anyone. One of the reasons why this is important is that if you have a facebook page but then close the page one day, all the content is lost, the cloud can keep changing, but if we have the ability for anyone to download anyone's page with all it's content as at the time it was downloaded, then people can retain snapshots of the full complete content for future reference and offline viewing, which would be a vast improvement over what we have now.
  13. Google search - youtube enable downloads
  14. Google search - itunes transfer ownership
    Unfortunately it is presently not possible to transfer ownership of single audio file mp3s (or albums) on iTunes to a friend or another person, for example as a gift.
  15. does not accept researcher/article contributor email addresses that contain "arxiv"
    However I want arxiv in my email address so that I can know that the email someone contacted me from was found at the arxiv website.
  16. (2018sep5) Universities to incorporate tutor assistance into the assessment system
    For example when a student completes an assignment if they received help from a tutor, they should be able to put something like the following into the references section at the end of the assignment document or into a thanks section at the start, "With thanks to assistance from my tutor Jevan Pipitone, Web: someurl Facebook: someurl Twitter: someurl LinkedIn: someurl" where someurl are web URLs for Jevan Pipitone, but at the moment the university system wants the student to complete the work 100% themselves which means if the student needs help from a tutor then the tutor is unable to request acknowledgement into the students assignment document since then the student would get into trouble for having someone else having helped them, so all this policy of the university does in not permitting others to help a student with their assignment is to result in tutors not getting the recognition they deserve for the help they do to students.
  17. (2018sep2) Google search - facebook subfolders photos
    On facebook a new feature that could be implemented is for photos and videos to be able to organize them into folders, subfolders, subsubfolders, etc, ie, folders that can have folders inside them.
  18. Centrelink / Department of Human Services (DHS) Australia, could have different payment levels for pensions. When someone is in a paid job they often have various hourly payrate or annual salary or public service levels (AS01, AS02, Senior Officer Grade 1, etc) they can receive depending on the value the employer perceives they are getting. Centrelink/ DHS could have something like that too based on levels so that if they are getting a lot of value from someone on disability payment or a jobseeker payment such as newstart, a study payment such as austudy, or any payment, they can be shifted to a higher payment level, and if their value drops again they can be reduced to a lower level again, perhaps assessed on a 6-monthly basis with 6 months notice before the change occurs. As many levels as needed can be created to cater for the requirements of anyone's possible value.
  19. Google search - solutions for the environment and climate change
  20. Google search - in favour of an open web
    Open Data, Open Source, and Open Web. I suggest that we need to move away from things like encryption, privacy, and move towards things like open source, and open data. For example, all websites could have a download for a spreadsheet of login usernames that it has, and then anyone can login as any user on that list without a password but with "read only" and "download" access, ie, not able to post or modify anything. The password for each account would be used by the user themself to login when they might want to send messages, do posts, send emails, or modify things (ie writable, able to change things). This does mean that anyone would be able to read anyone elses emails if they use webmail, but, why not, it would enable people to learn by observation of any other people, and would facilitate improvement of society overall.
  21. Quantum Computer
    Quantum computer: three states, 1, 0, or spinning between 1 and 0 and after some time the spinning stops so it needs to be spun again if it's meant to be in that state. What about states of spinning at various discrete frequency options, for example the state could be 1, 0, or spinning at 5Hz, 10Hz, or 20Hz? Also states from the voltage which could be 1v, 2v, 4v, or 8v? The phase shift for the sine wave describing it's motion could be 0 degrees, 45 degrees, 90 degrees, so there are states that could be encoded there too. The waveform could take on other forms such as a sine, square, or triangle wave, as an encoding method for the information. Then we will need logic operations using all of those possible states and possible changes that can be done to the state.
  22. Google search - add a footer video to all youtube videos
    I would like to specify a public YouTube video that I uploaded to YouTube, to be played automatically as a footer to all videos in my channel, when someone views any of my videos or downloads them, so that this footer can contain my contact details in both the audio and the video of the footer video. There is presently no feature in YouTube for people to be able to download my videos, so that is also an improvement suggestion for YouTube. The footer video will be automatically played on the end of any video in my channel when someone is playing any of them, and will be added onto the end of each video when downloading any video in my channel (or it could be an additional download that always occurs). This is because the time for me to manually append a footer video to all of my videos by hand in a video editor on my PC and then re-upload them all to youtube, would be huge. Also if it is done from the channel manager in YouTube just by specifying a URL of a video to be appended to all videos, then I can easily change (re-upload) the footer video in future and then change that URL in the channel manager to automatically change the footer for all of my YouTube videos in one simple step from YouTube, as well as a single checkbox where I can tick a box to allow downloads of all of my YouTube videos by anyone that wants them. The footer video is similar functionality to the existing YouTube feature of adding a watermark to all of my videos, which I don't want to do because I think that is distracting to viewers, and instead of a watermark displayed during the whole video, the footer video is just displayed after each video in my channel finishes playing.
  23. Google search - to expand the range of stored details of your information that can be propagated to other websites
    Google search - to expand contact information updates propagation to all internet websites
  24. Google search - electronic whiteboards
    Universities and Schools mostly have whiteboards (sometimes blackboards) in classrooms. Sometimes there are multiple boards to enable many students to work on problems simultaneously in a workshop so that other people there can look at what they did. Sometimes even the foyers, entrance halls, corridors and other locations have whiteboards, so that ideas can easily be written down and shared amongst anyone wanting to see it. An improvement over a whiteboard/ blackboard is to have electronic boards, each a colour LCD screen that can be written on using a stylus pen, like what I have for my portable Palm TX PDA but much bigger the size of a university or school classroom whiteboard/blackboard. When writing with the stylus pen the underlying LCD monitor shows lines where the pen moves, and it can be switched to an erasor by selecting the erasor from the menu, thus avoiding the possible issue of getting whiteboard marker pen or chalk on your hand from trying to erase it quickly. When the board is full and needs to be erased, the contents would be stored as a high quality lossless PNG image file with the filename containing the current date and time, unit number, teacher/lecturer/tutor name, then at the end of the lecture the system would email all of the students and teacher and department a copy of all of the saved board images, or it could be zipped into a single compressed zipfile whose filename contains the date & time the zip was created, and uploaded to the university of school website for anyone who wants to download it, the boards would also retain a copy of the images for a week as a backup in case the emailing failed, with it having the ability to automatically upload the content to the department's website or ftp server via a network cable plugged into each board, and to support having a USB stick inserted to transfer information to it. Also all lectures/ classes/ tutorials would be audio recorded, which would also be available for download on the organization website, since there is no need to video it (avoiding the need to store large file sizes) since it is possible to see all of the boards contents as downloaded compressed zipfile containing all of it's images. The only classes that would need videoing are acting and dance classes and performances, since distributing audio downloads to anyone that wants them, does not tell sufficient information about what happened in the class (to be able to reproduce it again if they wanted, as per the scientific premise of experiment reproducability).
  25. Google search - is there a volunteer freelance website
    Expansion of available things for Volunteers. Freelance volunteers - like etc for finding freelance work in any career topic area but for Volunteer (unpaid) Work Only.
  26. Westpac statements show a code that is indicative of which ATM a transaction was done at such as a withdrawal. However from this code it is not always obvious which ATM it actually is. An improvement would be to improve the description of the ATM on statements so that it is obvious which ATM (which location, and which bank or credit union) it is.
  27. Ability to download a single PDF containing action bus timetables for all routes, weekend and weekday. The PDF will have a table of contents at the start with clickable links for each route to take you quickly and easily to the relevant spot in the PDF.
  28. Why can't I get a spoon with my drink at Boost Juice Australia to eat the nice remaining bits after?
  29. ANU Alumni login "View education details" does not show correct education course
  30. Google search - max brenner belconnen said they do not do split payments cash card
    Google search - max brenner belconnen split payments
    Google search - all shops to offer split payments cash card
    I wanted to pay partly using my card and partly using cash, with myself the only person ordering.
  31. Android application and desktop PC application that provides that same functionality as Palm TX PDA with NotePad and Memos applications, for example, the mobile would need a stylus pen so I can write notes (handwriting) into the NotePad by writing on the screen with the stylus pen, a PC desktop windows 10 application so I can type in textual information into the memopad, and ability to configure each application's individual synchronization settings to synchronize one-way either from PC to Mobile or Mobile to PC, for example one application might have a different synchronization direction to another application - I presently synchronize textual information in Memos from PC to Palm PDA, and handwritten (image) notes in NotePad from Palm PDA (written with the stylus) to desktop PC. I found the following which is a step in the right direction but I don't know whether they will support the Palm TX PDA NotePad application to make notes with a mobile's stylus (if a cheaper mobile even has a stylus). Usable in Australia.
  32. Google search - kidvote
    To encourage kids to make choices, have opinions, influence change, and contribute towards the continuous improvement of society, through online voting opportunities on various topics.
  33. Google search -
    Pen that can scan a colour in the real world, and then combines it's inks so you can draw using the pen with that colour.
  34. Everything recorded and downloadable: Hopefully and possibly all in-person and virtual (online) events in the future will be audio or video recorded - video if the visual aspect is important otherwise audio plus a few photos and possibly powerpoint slides or a word document and chat history download (for interactions) may be sufficient to understand the event - and anyone will be able to download them later from the organization's website. This can include meetups, board/card games, pool/snooker/air hockey and other games, movies at the cinema, theatre productions, acting workshops and rehearsals and performances, music live bands, karaoke nights at venues, music jams where anyone can turn up and join in to make music, chess, professional events such as computing and engineering talks, etc. Having everything recorded and downloadable will be beneficial to many people who can get hold of content online easily from home via the internet, including people with disabilities that might want to run the download through various processors and filters (or even having multiple formats of the download) to make it in a suitable format for their particular disability. Also people can re-live their in-person attended past events in the future by watching them again anytime from their kept downloads. For example for a movie this would mean movie tickets would have a URL imprinted on it where the movie can be downloaded at home after the screening to keep/ rewatch any times in the future.
  35. Google search - primary school separate class for kids with a tablet
  36. Google search - copy text from website produces invalid characters
  37. Google search - google forms to supply a copy of responses in pdf format after click submit
  38. Google search - projector with usb port for jpg png docx xlsx pdf mp3 mp4 avi
  39. Google search - software excel word office repair
  40. Google search - how to copy paste text from a PDF
  41. Google search - solar cells targeting multiple light frequencies
  42. Google search - porn users sending friend requests on facebook
  43. FreeCommander and Windows 10 File Explorer reporting incorrect file size
  44. Google search - unsuccessfully trying to format or delete a partition for a 2GB sdcard in usb sdcard reader
  45. Google search - Where can I Download a PDF of the catalogue for offline viewing
  46. Google search - how to get to email a daily list of messages received and sent
  47. Could have an image rotator screen, displays a sequence of photos with usb and wifi interface capability to change them, on front of fridge
  48. Google search - cit shortcourses problem entering phone and state when registering
  49. Google search - there are no downloadable pdfs for offline reading
  50. eJamming no musicians online for me to make music with
  51. Google search - generate vocals electronically
    Speech-to-vocals software for the PC / windows. Specify notes and words and it sings them.
  52. Google search - nbn fibre to the premises
    NBN with VOIP phone (a phone that works using data of the internet) is not sufficiently reliable to be used for emergency use or for alarms/security. NBN sometimes goes down for 30 minutes! We should in canberra have a landline phone using copper cabling, as well as the NBN using optical fibre to the house. Why would they use the copper cabling for NBN with the NBN optical fibre only going to the node, not to the house, which is slower internet and makes it impossible to have a 100% reliable landline phone as well!
  53. JamTaba to display in each room the current scale name being used by musicians for improvising. For example D Minor, C Major, etc. Ability to see this scale name for each room, before entering the room, ie in the list of rooms.
  54. Ability for any website that has settings that can be configured for a particular user login, to export what those settings currently are, in csv and txt format, with clear easily readable labels (text) for each setting item, so it's clear what each setting is and it's value/ current state
    Google search - website standards
  55. Google search- resume outdated limit 2mb
    Some resume websites have a 2MB limit. Personally I think we need a larger limit such as 100MB, with today's technology soon people will be able to include videos in their resume and the NBN is fast enough for sending to handle emailing of large files. Also there is no reason why not to have a long and large resume going back to your birth, if you want to put that in. People can choose whether to read particular sections of a resume, as long as it's easy to follow because it's ordered in some way. Short resumes such as 2 to 5 pages are terrible because you can't get much idea of who the person is.
  56. Tagging of wav audio files with a wide range of audio tag possibilities
  57. In mp3 audio file tags under Origin there is a property called "Author URL" as part of the ID3 Tags however it would be a good feature to have many more spots for different URLs such as I might like to add my facebook, twitter, LinkedIn profile URLs as mp3 tags, it could allow me to customize what the text label or type for each custom URLs in mp3 tags is, such as "Facebook URL" as well as setting the URL itself.
  58. Google search - what is being done to stop the problem of paedophiles
  59. Google search - reopen flynn primary as a school
  60. Google search - How do I organize my likes on Facebook?
    Facebook to have the ability to place likes (ie things I "like") into folders so I can separate them into categories
  61. Google search - can jamtaba be used to record midi as well as audio
  62. Google search - soundcloud set default track permissions
  63. Google search - getting past marks changed
  64. Google search - appeal a grade
  65. Google search: i don't want all websites to be ssl
  66. Google search - how to get in to a phd and graduate with top marks
  67. Google search - how can I recover from schizophrenia
  68. Google search - how can i get what i want out of life generally
  69. Google search: what is the effect of material things
  70. Google search - how to be successful in life
  71. Google search - how to understand the way life works
  72. Google search - how to make a lot of money
  73. Google search - how to get your sister to be friends with you
  74. Google search - how to get companies to implement my suggestions
  75. Google search - how to persuade people
  76. Google search - how to attract customers to your website that make contact
  77. Google search - how to stop spam
  78. Microsoft Word Improvements: 1) Sort alphabetically one column of a table without moving the data in the other columns 2) Put two tables next to each other without combining them into one table 3) Two columns with the information in each column like (as if, but not) a separate document, ie, not one document that continues from the bottom of the first column into the top of the second column.
  79. Directories and resumes of people with various skills searchable by location and skills.
    Including Canberra Arts Freelancers. The point is that I would be searching through and looking at/ downloading and looking at resumes, to find someone that is suitable for what I'm after for hiring, especially for them to do freelance work.
  80. Google search - sort youtube videos by title
    On youtube, ability to configure in the default settings somewhere so that youtube videos are sorted by title when viewing the channel, and that sorting would place "2." after "1." not "10." ie proper numerical-order sorting when the video titles start with a number. Another useful sorting option would be to sort by video recording date.
  81. Google search - twitter long usernames to allow longer usernames eg fantasticpcsupport since I presently needed to call it fantasticpchelp for it to fit
  82. Google search - audio file standards
    Audio files (mp3, etc) and Video files (mp4, avi, etc) to have capability of storing the start and end recording time & date in the file somewhere, as well as ability to have time points added during the recording for example if video or audio editing cuts together multiple audio file portions then each portion would have a start time & date added at the start of each portion, so that playback software such as VLC media player will be able to display the exact date & time the recording at each moment occurred for all times during the recording. This will also allow audio or video files to be associated with which times electronic whiteboard pages are saved (with the latter's date & time in the filename when it's saved) during university or school workshops, tutorials or lectures. For example, a new format could combine timestamped electronic whiteboard images with timestamped audio recordings to show/play them both simultaneously at the correct times, and with ability to export the contained mp3 audio recordings and png images. Each whiteboard image would display during playback of audio until the timestamp of the whiteboard image which signals the end of that particular image, since when the whiteboard is cleared is when the whiteboard image save occurs. Note there could be multiple whiteboards used during a presentation, so it will be necessary to have the ability for the viewer to manually select between multiple whiteboards depending on which one they want to view. Whenever a whiteboard changes (begins to obtain new or differing content), the viewing software could automatically switch to that whiteboard, unless manually overrided at a particular time.
  83. Google search - palm pda save all notepad images to a desktop pc folder
    Palm TX PDA desktop PC software, Note Pad, Right click "Select All", Right click "Forward as PNG", when I do that it opens a thunderbird email client window with all of the images of my notes attached to the email, then I can save the email in thunderbird, open it by clicking on it in the Drafts local folder, and click "Save All" to save all of the images to a temporary folder for moving to where I want them. It would be a good feature to have to also have the Palm Desktop PC software able to save all Note Pad images to a folder that I select on the computer without having to open the email client. Also presently the file names contain the time only that each note was created, a good feature would be to include in each image filename the date the note was created as well as the time, for example "2018jul1 6-25 AM.png".
  84. Google search - latex math calculations and graphing
    LaTeX (including GNU TeXmacs free software) could have added to it the capability to do math calculations and graphing of functions
  85. Google search - github markdown with math
    markdown-preview-plus (for atom editor) and MathJax (for websites) and showdown-katex (for websites to convert markdown with math into html) already exist for supporting LaTeX math. However, GitHub does not presently support markdown with math, it uses/supports only kramdown which has the capability to support it but it's not actually enabled in, and I have tested it, see links below for " repository for testing LaTeX math capabilities", and it does not display any math on the github website markdown preview.
  86. Pamela plugin for skype has the capability to record skype phone and skype-to-skype audio calls into a stereo mp3 file with the caller on one side/ear and the recipient on the other side/ear. This separation of caller and recipient audio into left and right side, is presently not done when recording a skype video call as a .wmv file, which is an improvement suggestion from me.
  87. Google search - digital art lessons by skype
    Digital art lessons (e.g. using ArtRage software) via the internet using skype to show my screen to them and for audio voice chat, or webex, and with each lesson's audio and video recorded and downloadable by both people
  88. Google search - animated 360 degree gif
    With .gif image format it is possible to have a still or an animated (moving) gif. The gif format could be extended to also permit 360 degree panorama views that one can pan the image by click and drag the mouse in any direction, based on a photograph from a 360 degree digital camera which might be a spherical lens and spherical CCD sensor (the outside edge of a sphere) that sees in all directions of the camera except for the base where it connects to the camera.
  89. Google search - microphone midi
    Anyone can sing into a microphone that goes into a computer, and then the software or hardware can determine the pitch continuously and use it to generate midi for electronic music such as making sounds of an electric piano. It would also support pitch bend so that if the singer glides between notes the midi will use pitch bend to achieve the same effect on the electronic instrument.
  90. Google search - "electronic receipt"
    Shops to have an option instead of printing a receipt for the customer, to transfer an image of the receipt and well as a spreadsheet document containing the transaction details, to the customer's mobile or palm PDA. Or the shop point of sale equipment could automatically upload every purchase details to a website where all customer's transactions for all shops are stored, that can be later downloaded by the customer as a spreadsheet for whatever date range they specify.
  91. Palm personal digital assistant (PDA)'s could have a GPS and digital camera built in, the GPS can be used to get location coordinates to tag the photos taken. It is best that palm PDA's do not have a phone built in, to keep it as a separate product from mobiles for people that don't want a phone on them while they are out and about. All digital cameras will have a GPS built in for location coordinate tagging of photos.
  92. Google search - smule on a desktop pc
    Smule video karaoke mobile app, that can also do duets and more people with multiple cameras and singing combined, at, could have added to it the ability to work with a desktop PC, web camera, and headset with microphone
  93. Google search - larger windows paths
    Windows paths (folder full path) presently are limited to 260 characters. This could be extended to something much larger, not only by the windows operating system itself, but also file explorer, and Control Panel/System/Advanced System Settings/Environment Variables, setx in the command prompt, and software programs as well. Presently if a path exceeds 260 characters then it reverts to referring to it with the short name of 8 characters maximum per folder with longer ones converted in each folder name to end with ~1, ~2, etc with a new number for each occurence, such as "C:\Progra~1\MyProg\" instead of "C:\Program Files\MyProg\"
  94. All websites to have a download link to download the whole website (all files on the server for the site such as .php, .css, .js etc) as a compressed WinZip .zipx file. In the case of websites there would also be a compressed .zipx file downloadable containing the original Microsoft Visual Studio website source code computer programming project.
  95. Google search - web browser view both final and original html
    Web Browsers such as Firefox to have the ability to view both the final html and the original html, for example if a website uses javascript "document.write" then the viewed html might not match the original source html. To see the original source html right click in an empty space on a firefox browser webpage and select "View Page Source".
  96. 3D Games PC servers (any desktop PC game) some could be designed for bot combat only (no humans), and others as they are now for humans and bots or just humans. There would be an api/plugin api for each game for programmers to be able to create their own bots for competition against other programmer's bots.
  97. Javascript could have added to it the capability to list all installed software on the client's computer. So that webpages can collect data on list of all visitor's installed software (as reported by control panel, programs and features), visitor's IP address, visitor's computer name, date, time, in order for me to be able to automatically research information about what different people's software is that they use/have when they visit my web page. Presently this is not possible and the closest that comes to this is websites such as which allows you to browse websites other people like based on your chosen topics of interest but that is for discovering webpages that others use, whereas this would be for discovering software that others use - in fact more detailed since it would list all installed software for each visitor.
  98. Google search - what types of data can a website collect
    What data can I collect on website visitors to that I do not already have, eg I already have browser type, IP address, and if I have a webform I can ask for name, email
  99. Google search - rent advertisement internet speed
    Real estate for rent advertisements could include in the description what the fastest internet speed the premises is able to actually get, ie the real actual speed that previous tenants have had (upload and download). Since, if I was going to rent from somewhere, I would want to know that the internet speed will be fast enough for me to do making music with other musicians via the internet which I think requires around 14Mbps download and 1Mbps upload.
  100. Could have two versions of each youtube video. One the longer one. One a contributing persons appearance introduction video where each person who contributed anything to its making speaks for up to 30 seconds about themself their aims objectives and life issues they hope to solve. The people include contributors that do and those that don't appear in the main video such as director, producer, editors, camerapersons, scriptwriter, investors, financial donators, managers, office administrators, 3d animation staff, actors, musicians, etc. I don't know if ten seconds or three seconds per person may be enough.
  101. Google search - filenames with different date but same name
    When saving a file in a windows application such as notepad, or copying or moving a file in file explorer, presently if the filename is the same but the date is different, it will ask if you want to overwrite the existing file, and if you say "No" it will not copy or move it. An enhancement could be that, if you say "No" to overwriting, it could save it as a file in the folder with the same name but a different date - that is, it would be possible to have files in the same folder with the same filename but a different last modified date. Also it would do a file comparison check and if the filename and file contents is the same but the last modified date is different, then it would not take any action, and there would be no need to ask whether to overwrite the file since the file is not being modified, however, it might pop up a message saying "Filename and contents are the same - no action taken".
  102. Google search - thunderbird plugin record video
    Thunderbird email client windows plugin to record and automatically attach an audio or video message with your email and to insert text to inform the respondent that there is such an attachment, and to save a copy of the video in some designated folder for future reference.
  103. Google search - self driving cars laser range finder interference
    If there are multiple self-driving cars on the road will their laser range finder reflections interfere with each other and give incorrect views of each car's surroundings? Perhaps nearby cars can use wifi to negotiate a different light frequency for each car
  104. Could have a spinning balanced read write head in a cd player and hard drive instead of spinning the item with data on it, also contactless
  105. All websites and software capable of having an option to turn on automatic logging/history. This could be in the form of an audio of video recording, text logs, etc, the important thing is that from the logs it should be possible for me to see what happened in the past while minimizing the file size required to store such information - for example, it is better to store a list of menu options chosen, what buttons were clicked, what checkboxes were ticked, than to store a video which is not necessary when the use can be seen from a list of what the user did, as long as it's clear for example from the software help file PDF, what the functionality is so that if the software no longer exists in future then the logs will still be able to be understood. Also all web tools (cloud software) needs to be able to run in offline mode on a desktop PC, for example by downloading a virtual hard disk containing the virtual machine and virtual hard disk that was being used in the cloud. Other examples of downloadable content are powerpoint slides, word documents, notepad textfiles, multimedia presentations.
  106. Bionic contact lens

Activities, friendship, paid and volunteer work, business and success for disabled people

  1. Karaoke for disabled people and their friends. Like smule mobile app, or singsnap web page, but aimed at disabled people (it would say on their profile whether a person was disabled or not). Also at local venues, karaoke nights, open mic nights for the disabled and their friends, to do stand-up comedy and other short performances, musician jams (musicians /anyone can get together to perform and make music), and other activities at local venues for disabled people and their friends to perform. Multimedia performances by the disabled and their friends. Powerpoint presentations by the disabled and their friends.
  2. Meet disabled friends. Like or on an internet desktop browser, or "Friends Talk" mobile app, for meeting new friends, but only for meeting disabled people. To meet disabled people from any location where local, national, or international.
  3. Chat rooms for disabled people and their friends, as a mobile app, and as a web site on a desktop PC, with various topics organized into various rooms. Video chat rooms, voice chat rooms, mobile chat apps and desktop pc softwares like yahoo messenger,, skype, except designed for meeting and chatting with disabled people (some existing systems can still be used as long as it's possible to find disabled people to add to my contacts). A facebook and linkedin for meeting disabled people.
  4. A penpal website like interpals, globalpenfriends, except designed to meet disabled people
  5. Business networking and finding contacts who are disabled. Like shapr mobile app and the various websites for entrepreneurs and business except this is for finding disabled people for business reasons.
  6. Job search websites for employing disabled people for paid work and volunteer work and to search and download their resumes, also paid basis freelancing websites where the employers supplying the tasks are disabled. Engineers, computer programmers, disabled with any career/skill area. Local and online employers that employ disabled people and their friends, and/or where the employer is disabled.
  7. Local activities with disabled people and their friends, like and except it is designed for doing local activities with disabled people and their friends. These activities could be career oriented such as opportunities to give a talk or presentation or creative performance, or to collaborate on a project, or to have dinner or lunch as a group.
  8. Jazz Musicians and actors (including improvisation) and digital artists (and other skill areas) with a disability and their friends, to meet in-person or for online (via the internet) collaborations. For example websites such as jamtaba, ejamming, allow realtime online musician jams, myonlineband allows offline music collaborations, but where are websites like these but for people with disabilities and their friends. Also websites to make online collaborative artworks done by people with disabilities and their friends.
  9. Local Scientific and Engineering Research Conferences for the disabled and their friends.
  10. Research publications that publish papers by disabled authors and their friends, and who employ disabled people and their friends, in their offices.
  11. Websites that provide expert consultation via any of text chat, voice chat, video chat, where the experts providing the service have a disability. Like prestoexperts but the providers are individuals who have a disability, or where the customers seeking expert consultation have a disability.
  12. PC Support provided by disabled people

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